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  • Who Can Apply
    Hartford County (CT) residents who desire to obtain a college education but lack sufficient funds to do so without financial aid assistance.
  • How To Apply
    New applicants are required to furnish a high school equivalency certificate or a full high school transcript if just entering college, or a transcript for the last completed academic year if already attending college. A letter of recommendation is required for all new applicants. New applicants who are enrolled in (or have recently completed) high school should obtain a letter from a member of the high school faculty or administration. New applicants with a high school equivalency certificate should obtain a letter from a trusted life advisor who can speak to the applicant’s life skills and achievements.
  • Renewals
    All renewal applicants must send a transcript from from the college they currently attend. If a transcript cannot be made available from the college by June 1st the applicant MUST send a copy of their grades received for the first semester. This will hold their application open until the transcript arrives. The transcript MUST be received no later than July 1st.
  • Foundation Directors
    Martin J. Mahoney Deborah S. Broda Craig T. Blair Steve O'Meara Katherine O'Meara McKersie Honorary Life Trustees Edward L. Storrs Martin J. O’Meara Jr. Dr. William F. O’Meara
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